Get promoting the Peak District

Congratulations to teenager Darcy Rae for coming up with the latest idea to promote our glorious Peak District.

It just goes to show that a little inspiration can go a very long way.

Her vision has become reality and the new video aimed at drawing the crowds to Derbyshire can now be seen all over the world thanks to 21st century technology.

The Get Here video was launched, quite appropriately, at our most popular attraction Chatsworth House and those behind its creation were full of positive hope for the future of the district.

Tourism in the Peak is now one of our most important industries and it is hoped that in 2012 we will be attracting more visitors than ever before.

The thousands of people living here already will be relying on the money the holiday makers spend to sustain their businesses and jobs.

This in turn will help to keep our town centre shops, restaurants and pubs vibrant for us all to enjoy.

The Mercury will be backing all the campaigns to promote the Peak next year and will also be making sure that our local businesses are promoted and their successes trumpeted loudly through our awards and honours.

Amanda Hatfield, editor