Get up to speed over the issues

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I feel that I must respond albeit briefly to Cllr Longden (Mercury 8 August 2013) as he clearly needs to get up to speed with issues in Darley Bridge and get his facts right.

Surprisingly Cllr Longden still claims that over the last 9 months delays in putting forward any proposals to resolve the HGV problem has in part been due to discussions and “meetings with the parish council and community”.

To my knowledge there has been no discussions with “the community”.

I was one of only two residents invited to attend the meeting with Enthovens to represent “the community” back in October, but we have been ignored by Cllr Longden and DCC officers since then.

So who in “the community” has DCC been meeting during the last 9 months?

If Cllr Longden cares to look, he will see that we have had the white line he refers to for over 12 months and DCC agreed to pay for it!

We identified a road safety problem and asked Cllr Longden to lobby the County Council on our behalf.

He rightly says that his efforts resulted in us being invited to pay personally for the white line to help resolve a village road safety issue!

Not accepting that the road safety problems should be privately funded, we declined Cllr Longden’s offer and I put the case personally to DCC.

As a result of my efforts, DCC not only agreed to paint the white line but totally accepted our road safety concerns and agreed that it was appropriate that the council would fund it!

I rest my case!

Geoff Gee

Darley Bridge

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