Get your Mercury for just 45p each week!

Mercury, October 11
Mercury, October 11

FOR a limited time only, the Matlock Mercury can be yours for just 45p per week, by joining our fantastic subscription scheme

The 25% discount is being offered to reward the thousands of loyal readers who support the newspaper - week in, week out.

When you subscribe, we’ll send you vouchers that can be redeemed at all good local retailers.

It’s hassle-free and you buy the Mercury when and where you want, by simply handing over your voucher at the newsagent’s or supermarket.

We even take care of your next lot of vouchers, which will be sent out to you before the current set have been used.

It couldn’t be easier to subscribe. Here’s two options to get you going:

1. Go to and follow the easy step-by-step guide

2. Call our loyalty team on 0844 991 64 64. They’ll do all the work for you, and in a jiffy!

As it stands, we will run this offer until 31st December 2012 - so just enough time for you to buy someone a very useful, entertaining and informative Christmas gift!