Give us back our benches


There isn’t anywhere to sit and take a breather outside the post office in Matlock anymore. When the new pavements were laid, all seating was removed from that area taking with it all the community chatter, very few people even take the time to say hello now.

It doesn’t seem the same, those seats had a story of their own to tell so many chapters unfolded over the years, their silent words in a way of manner or degree, projecting a constant narrative of the daily comings and goings of people from all walks of life.

I always enjoyed sitting with the young mums and toddlers, I found it very communicative although I always allowed myself an interval of silence whilst listening to that little bit of tittle-tattle and idle talk, it was music to my ears and most certainly not to be missed.

Moments of anxiety mixed with happy times were shared by friends, old and new, as we sat together. Occasionally we could be seen to take delivery of an assuring smile from a local police officer, could anything beat that?

We all go to the post office to conduct various forms of business and the advancing years are beginning to test the agility of those of us who are not as sprightly as we were.

We miss those seats, they provided us with a pit stop to refuel our weary pins before having to engage ourselves in the never ending queue. Which leaves me to question why was this not taken into account before the work was carried out?

We want the seats back, together with the flowers, otherwise Matlock will not be ‘blooming’ everywhere. Please restore the brightness and interaction between the community to this very dreary corner.

I know that I am not the only person that would welcome its return, it isn’t to much to ask because although this may not appear to be an important issue, quite often that which seems of little consequence proves to be just the opposite, and that has never been more apparent since those seats were taken away.

The pavements look neat and tidy and they are now much safer to walk on, and I see that we now have a new lamp in place, it is very conspicuous and certainly adds a little old fashioned character to the area.

However, the proverbial ‘missing piece’ of the jigsaw is needed to construct the picture and link it together with the rest of the town.

Dorothy Corker

The Shortlands, Matlock