Go and listen to the bands

With Derby being so close to Matlock, the impact of 1,400 job losses will not go unnoticed. For many the ‘feel good factor’ will be hard to find, but for many of us this is here for us to have, and its free.

What am I talking about, well take a walk to the park head of Hall Leys Park, in Matlock.

We always get wonderful flower displays, but this present one is a wonder to behold. Don’t just walk by, spend a few minutes to look and study the colours and patterns of the wonderful flowers. The bandstand picture all made of flowers and stones depicting 100 years of the parks presence in Matlock – superb.

I want to thank our small but dedicated group of gardeners who do such a great job in not only this, but keeping the whole park in such wonderful condition. This must be sometimes soul destroying.

I walk early each day and the rubbish and dog dirt they have to clean up beggars belief. It’s not just visitors who leave the mess behind. Most Matlock dog owners are very responsible, but there are a few who spoil it for everyone else and they know who they are and so do we.

Lots of extra events are in the park this year and all free, not just the brass bands on Sunday afternoons, but mid week as well. Last Friday, the Bishop David Brown School Steel Band played from 2pm till 4pm. They were great,

This Thursday, July 14, at 11am, another different group will be in the bandstand, go and support them.

I can guarantee you will get the ‘feel good factor’ too.

Sheila Burton