Good care homes need local authority funds

I watched with interest news regarding the Alzheimer’s Society report on dementia care in care homes, which found that 80% now suffer from dementia. My own care home group specialises in dementia care and I agree with this.

The report highlights survey results indicating that 42% of the families of dementia residents were not satisfied with the care provided. And that 70% of people are scared of being admitted into a care home themselves.

This is hardly surprising news considering the fact that it is only poor quality, failing care homes that are on TV or in the press.

The problem for many care home providers is the lack of proper local authority funding. We undertook a detailed study of dementia care costs within our group and providing a good dementia care service cost £66 per week more than a non-dementia resident. There are many areas of extra cost, but the main one is the additional staff requirement. Having a larger team to support one to one reminiscence and other activities is the essential element of dementia care.

Derbyshire County Council don’t yet provide any extra funding for dementia residents. Unlike neighbours Derby City, who have started the ball rolling with £30 extra. I ask Derbyshire County Council to look to Coventry City Council, which provides £62 extra.

There are many good homes doing great things, but perceptions will never change as long as the media continues to scaremonger and cover few positive stories – and there are plenty.

Dave Lock

(MD, Adept Care Group), Old Vicarage care home,

Clay Cross,