Governors elected for NHS trust

NHS Doncaster
NHS Doncaster

Elections have resulted in the appointment of a full Council of NHS Governors, ready to take up post in the countdown to Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust becoming a Foundation Trust.

It marks a new era for community health services in Derbyshire with its first ever fully elected Council of Governors, made up of 17 public, 10 staff members and three partner members, to hold the organisation to account and play a major role in deciding how it is run.

The 17 newly elected public governors were voted into post by the 11,000-plus people who have already signed up as members of Derbyshire Community Health Service as part of its bid to become a Foundation Trust. A full list of names is included at the end.

Tracy Allen, Chief Executive of Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, said: “The elections showed the strong commitment of people from local communities around Derbyshire to help us create better services and ensure we always measure up to public scrutiny.”

The new NHS governors are now beginning induction into their new roles which will involve:

Representing the interests of the local community and being consulted on proposed changes to how community health services are delivered

Appointing the Chair and other Non-Executive Directors of the NHS Foundation Trust

Holding the Board of Directors to account for the Trust’s performance  

Approving the appointment of the Chief Executive.

The names of the new public Council of Governors’ members for the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak are:

Paul Kirtley

Brenda Greaves

Kathlyn Mary Arthur

Andrea Cooke