Group gives NHS changes a “cautious welcome”

A GROUP campaigning against NHS reforms has given the Government’s changes a “cautious welcome”.

David Cameron agreed to make major concessions on his plans for the NHS this week including more controls on competition and a slower pace of change.

Following a grass-roots protest in Wirksworth in April, the Government announced it would “pause” and listen to the growing number critics of the health service overhaul.

Hundreds of placard-waving protesters marched through Wirksworth to campaign against the reforms.

The revolt was sparked in the town by local GPs who feared the measures would encourage privatisation and lead to increased competition.

This week Chris Thompson, of the Wirksworth NHS Stop Think Campaign, said: “While I too welcome the willingness of the Government to listen and to respond, I would urge a degree of watchfulness and caution.

“The proposed changes could lead to a process of chaotic, random and expensive change.

“There remains a case for going back to the drawing board and starting again.”

The group is set meet to form a collective response to the bill.