Group’s road safety lesson

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An officer from Bradwell Safer Neighbourhood Team has educated youngsters in Grindleford about the importance of road safety.

PCSO Anthony Boswell spoke to the group at Grindleford Youth Club about staying safe on the roads during the visit.

PCSO Boswell told the youngsters to “be bright, be seen and be safe” when out and about.

The talk comes after the policing team came across a number of children who were not wearing a helmet, had no lights on their bikes and were mainly wearing dark clothing.

PCSO Boswell said: “Visits like this are a great opportunity for us to head out into the community to speak to youths about road and cycle safety.

“I spoke to the group about the road safety message, to be bright, be seen and be safe and how wearing reflective clothing and lights on a bike can help them to stand out to motorists when out after dark.” To speak to your local policing team call 101.