Guardians saving our hidden gems

Derbyshire is blessed with an outstanding landscape. From Kinder and Chatsworth to our own High Tor and Riber Castle.

But on top of the well-loved and much-visited areas of natural beauty there are also many hidden gems – secret places that only a few people have ever discovered.

For some of us who know one of these corners of our county, our instinct is to keep quiet about it so hordes of visitors don’t kill off the tranquillity.

Thankfully those people who are guardians of the Lumsdale Valley want to share what they know with the rest of us and are inviting us all to take a look and help with the preservation of the historic site.

Thanks to this small band of volunteers who live nearby this beautiful spot is being restored and will soon feature in a BBC documentary about hidden heritage.

Our feature on page six this week explains the background to the project and gives you a glimpse of what can be seen in the valley.

Do you visit a little-known natural gem? We would love to hear about your favourite spots in the county. Email news@matlockmercury.co.uk.

Amanda Hatfield, editor