GUEST COLUMN: Treasures of the past to go under the hammer, by Charles Hanson

Hansons Auctioneers
Hansons Auctioneers

My passion for antiques and the world of auctions I am in now began with the humble metal detector as a ten year old boy. My real passion for the past is to ask the questions ‘Who last held it? How was it lost? and If it could talk what could it tell us?... and that is history!’

I am delighted to announce we are launching Hansons Historica, a new specialist coins and antiquities department at Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers, running quarterly auctions of treasures from our historical past.

The artefacts, ranging from prehistoric to post-Medieval, will include items from the stone, bronze and iron ages, the Roman empire, Anglo-Saxon and Viking period, through the Medieval and into Tudor and Stuart times. The objects hold such magic and offer fascinating glimpses in to our own social history from the lives of ordinary yeomen to the opulence of the rich and powerful.

From gold, silver and bronze coins, to weapons, tools, jewellery, dress fittings, horse trappings, religious items and ceramics, these items will offer a true glimpse into the past. An item already consigned for the forthcoming Historica Auction on November 29 includes a Newark Siege halfcrown - expected to make up to £2,000 at auction.

During the English Civil War, Newark came under siege three times by Parliamentary forces and, during the third siege, emergency lozenge-shaped coinage was struck for use within the town.

The halfcrown was the largest of these coins, and this example, bearing the date of 1646, was issued during the months prior to Newark’s eventual surrender in early May of that year. On 8th May 1646, the 1500 surviving Royalist troops marched out of Newark for the last time. Did one of them carry this siege piece with him?

The auction will be one of theatre and excitement, spanning conquests and migrations from the Bronze Age, through to the present day. Objects in the sale represent the British history of this fertile and strategically well placed island we call home.

The auction will be held on Tuesday, November 29 – entries close on Friday, November 11.

Hansons will stage a valuation day at Carol Tunley Antiques, 68 Dale Road, Matlock on October 13.