GUEST COLUMNIST: Charleh explains the top clean eating trends for this year

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With the lifestyles such as Paleo, Raw, Keto and clean eating having been hailed by food bloggers Deliciously Ella and the Hemsley + Hemsley Sisters, there is no wonder that healthier food trends are going to be a big part of our 2016.

Innova Market Insights latest report shown organic to have risen by 9.5 per cent and ‘free from’ and ‘flexitarian’ not far behind. However, the overall trend you should be watching out for is the real food, natural way of eating if you are wanting to lose weight, boost energy and eat delicious food.

For many years, organic has been in the background as the best option for our food but is it they really? Here are the list of benefits to why organic is going to bigger in 2016. Higher in antioxidants, reduced level of pesticides and anything artificial, supports heart health, boost immune system, better for the environment and better animal welfare. Can you really argue with that?

Free from is now not just for that friend who is gluten free or dairy free. Many of us are realising the added health benefits to cutting out certain things from the traditional diet. Many believe that going on a free from diet is healthier and better for us but watch out for those ‘free from’ processed foods.

You may have heard of the social media trend, ‘Meat Free Monday’ and the latest headlines in red processed meat? We are all reducing our animal protein intake and opting for more plant based proteins or seeking higher grade quality and ethical protein sources.

Increasing your natural, healthy fat sources such as avocado, chia seeds, flax seeds and olive oil is a great way to be light on the wallet. Whilst everyone of us are seeking to eat healthy, but can’t help but eat with our eyes.

Everyone is seeking to be healthier. With dietary related diseases and allergies becoming more prominent in the headlines, it is certainly worth our time to be concerned about. Thankfully, there is a solution to being happier, healthier by being more informed, educated and with the latest trends.