GUEST COLUMNIST: Health expert Charleh tells us how to play tricks on the human body

sugar in a wooden spoon
sugar in a wooden spoon

Sugar, sugar, sugar. It’s the latest demon in the world of health, food and nutrition and quite rightly so. One in five people in the UK are diagnosed as obese. 
Giving credit to the UK government they are trying, but not trying enough to give you the correct information to stay fit and healthy without missing out on your favourite foods.

It has been claimed that the it would be hard for children to trade their “traditionally” sugary snacks to lower sugar options. Others have pointed out that our obesity epidemic to due to the lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle (which is quite true) and that 80 per cent should be the healthy choice.

My recommendations are easy, quick, affordable and most importantly, still delicious.

Breakfast can be scrambled eggs and fruit, carbonated water with a fruit tea bag as a fizzy drink. Have fun making healthy muffins with eggs (or flaxseed for vegans), bananas, ground almonds, honey, coconut oil and then freeze them when you would like one. 
Finally, make instant ice cream with frozen bananas plus extra ingredients for different flavours. For instance, a little cocoa powder and dates can make a super smooth, instant chocolate ice cream.

The body can’t tell the difference a muffin and a fruit teacake or a sugar fizzy drink compared to a sweetened fizzy fruit.

Cutting out the refined processed sugars/sweeteners, hidden sugars, grains completely will help your body become more insulin stable, give you more energy, fitness and longevity whilst still enjoying the occasionally indulgence.