Half of Derbyshire couples will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day

Flowers - red rose
Flowers - red rose

Although once thought of as a traditional day of love, it appears that Cupid’s arrow has lost its way as over half of Derbyshire couples never go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

New survey results from Glowing Embers suggests 58 per cent of people will not be marking February 14 with their loved one.

Work commitments, lack of child-care and price hikes are some of the main reasons couples do not go out.

More than a quarter of duos also expressed their objection to the Valentine’s Day concept, believing the day of lovers is just another over commercialised hallmark holiday.

Richard Fewings, director of Glowing Embers said: “Most of us Brits feel that Valentine’s Day is just too expensive and a way for florists and shops to make us part with our money, leaving even us romantics to feel cynical about the whole occasion.”
Of the couples surveyed 64 per cent will not be sending a gifts to their lovers and those who do have a limit of £20.