Halldale may now be a pipe dream

A COOL £10 million price tag has been put on Halldale Quarry by the property developers who own the site.

A year ago, in the middle of the credit crunch, the glossy brochure they produced with images of a flashy hotel and promises of a multiplex cinema seduced the town into thinking things were looking up.

The Mayor at the time said it was the best thing to be earmarked for Matlock in many a year.

The outlined plans for the vast site were approved with all due haste – especially if you compare it with the time it took to approve Sainsbury’s in the neighbouring quarry.

Sceptics at the Mercury asked at the time if maybe it was a little ambitious and wondered where the investors for the proposed schemes would be found.

I guess it could all still be on the cards as a buyer may be found by the agents trying to flog it.

However, we need to be kept informed of what is going on – the planning permission being sold with the land is mixed use so that means residential, business, retail and leisure but they won’t have to stick to the actual outline plans first mooted and that we all cooed over.

I think it may be some time before Matlock has its multiplex cinema up and running. Just saying.

Amanda Hatfield, editor