HALLOWEEN ALERT: Derbyshire residents urged to use fake candles to avoid horror

Derbyshire fire chiefs have issued vital Halloween safety advice.
Derbyshire fire chiefs have issued vital Halloween safety advice.
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Derbyshire fire chiefs are urging residents to use electronic candles this Halloween to avoid a living nightmare.

The warning comes a year after the eight-year-old daughter of TV presenter Claudia Winkleman suffered serious burns when her Halloween costume went up in flames.

Little Matilda, who had brushed up against a naked flame, has undergone several operations since the horror blaze.

A Derbyshire fire service spokesman said: "Don't let Halloween fun turn into a Halloween nightmare.

"Fancy dress costumes can catch fire and burn extremely easy.

"Keep away from fire and be extra safe - use electric candles. These give the same effect without the risk of fire."

If residents do decide to use naked flames, they should bear in mind the following safety advice:

- Keep candles and tea lights away from children and animals

- Youngsters should be supervised at all times near naked flames

- Don't leave candles unattended for any reason

- Keep naked flames a safe distance from curtains, furniture and decorations at all times

- If clothing does catch fire, STOP - don't run as it will only make the blaze worse; DROP - get down on to the floor; ROLL - with your arms above your head, roll over and over to put out the flames