Harpur Hill survey

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More than three quarters of Harpur Hill residents feel the old college site should be developed for housing, a survey has found.

Harpur Hill Residents’ Association sent out a questionnaire to locals giving them a chance to have their say on what they want for Harpur Hill now and in the future.

The survey found that there was a need for two-bedroom houses in the area, and that 55 per cent of those responding would like to see dedicated accommodation for over-55s.

A number of sites in Harpur Hill have been targeted for housing, but the majority of residents don’t feel they are suitable for development, according to the survey.

Eighty-three per cent felt the Dolby Road site was unsuitable, 74 per cent felt the Heathfield Nook Road site was unsuitable and 62 per cent were against the Foxlow Farm site.

A major concern for residents is parking along Harpur Hill Road, with the possible solution of removing the grass verges being suggested. Overall, 62.5 per cent of those responding said they wanted to stay in Harpur Hill.