Have you seen Pip?

pip the dog
pip the dog

A beloved family dog has gone missing from Ashford-in-the-Water – and her owners are offering a reward for her safe return.

Sheepdog Pip went missing from her kennel on Friday, July 8.

Owner Jane Hood said: “Pip is a beautiful tri-coloured female adult collie dog aged five years, loved by all who meet her as she is a very affectionate dog. She is trained as a sheepdog .

“She was removed from her kennel in Ashford-in-the-Water where she had been left by my son for a few hours, as was her routine depending on where he was working. She would also spend time with us all at the family home.”

She added that the family had informed the police, dog wardens, the RSPCA, vets and posted around 100 posters in the area, as well as speaking to people. Pip has also been added to DogLost.co.uk.

Jane added: “She was last seen in Thornbridge Park, apparently, at the weekend. I am offering a reward for her safe return.”