Monsal Hill Climb’s 2013 hall of fame

Cyclists assess the Sheffrec CC 2013 Monsal Hill Climb time trial results.
Cyclists assess the Sheffrec CC 2013 Monsal Hill Climb time trial results.
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The top-placed three riders of the Sheffrec CC 2013 Monsal Hill Climb time trial heaped praise on every rider who took part in this year’s fantastic event.

Winner Jack Pullar, of Madison Genesis, second-placed Graham Briggs, of Rapha Condor, and third placed Russell Downing, of Team Net App Endura were all impressed by the efforts of a very strong field this year that produced a lot of personal best times.

Winners in different categories at the 83rd anniversary of the event, sponsored by Simplyhealth, Pelican Cycles and the Derbyshire Times, included The Monsal Hill Climb 2013 School champion Matthew Cosgrove, of Sportcity Velo, Junior champion James King, of Team Sportscover, Vet’s over 40s champion Darren Otter, of Rutland CC, and Ladies champion Jessie Walker, of Matrix Fitness Racing Academy.

Below is the 2013 Monsal Hill Climb hall of fame including riders and times:

Callum Stewart Sheffrec CC 01:41:00

Louis Jacobs Sheffield Sports CC 04:11:2

Helen Ibbitson Stocksbridge CC 02:34:6

Martyn Dransfield Thurcroft CC 02:59:5

Liz Barber-Lilley Rutland CC 03:21:7

Andrew Rodgers Norton Wheelers 02:27:4

Daryl May Sheffrec CC 01:47:8

Nicola Holloway Whirlow Wheelers 02:31:7

Peter Morris Sheffrec CC 02:09:2

Richard Thorpe Bolsover & District CC 02:53:0

Matt Bacon Sheffrec CC 02:26:6

Jonathan Poole Ashley Touring 02:59:3

Cameron Orr Matlock CC 0150:0

James Clarke Bolsover & District CC 02:31:5

Ben Lowe Nonnas La Squadra 01:41:3

Lee Ibbitson Stocksbridge CC 01:59:8

Clare Sandelind Sheffrec CC 02:24:0

Andrew Roberts Nonnas La Squadra 01:51:5

Jamie Flaxman VITA (North Midlands) 02:44:9

Michael Cox Ashley Touring CC 02:47:1

Jonathan Cooper Norton Wheelers 02:26:7

Vincent Johnson Mansfield RC 01:52:5

Trevor Mayne Birdwell Wheelers 01:59:7

Luke Milnes Nonnas La Squadra 01:49:7

Jim Brown Holme Valley Wheelers 01:58:8

Sidney Wilson Derby Mercury RC 02:08:9

Matthew Cosgrove Sportcity Velo 01:39:5

Jason Goulty Sugarcane Velo Club 02:15:5

Robert Barnard Team Cycle Fibrosis 02:11:51

Patrick Murphy Bolsover & District 02:08:5

David Swingler Team Zenith-Buzz Cycles 02:14:4

Brad Dransfield Kirklees Cycling Academy 01:49:4

Louise Collins Beeston RC 02:05:4

Alan Holloway Sheffrec CC 01:51:1

Simon Froberg Dinnington RC 01:46:6

Neil Armitage Matlock CC 02:05:8

Daniel Trainor Mansfield RC 01:50:9

Alex Kinderman Pedal Sport CC 01:50:8

Mark Cuckson Sheffrec CC 01:52:5

Ivan Paul Ashley Touring CC 02:01: 2

Daniel Chaib Sharrow CC 02:24:6

Rupert Pearson 01:52:6

Paul Winwood Nonna La Squadra 02:06:9

Felicity Gledhill Sport City Velo 02:06:2

Chris Green Stocksbridge CC 01:47:9

Nicola Soden Champion Systems Maxgear 02:04:4

Andrew Cutts Birdwell Wheelers 01:48:8

Jayati Hine Sheffield Sports CC 02:34:9

Shaun Randall Rossington Wheelers 01:45:0

David Staniland Sheffrec CC 01:54:4

Xavier Scott Bolsover & District CC 01:55:3

Luke Thomas Ashley Touring CC 01:56:7

Will Boyes Team Cystic Fibrosis 02:04:7

Alain Gordon-Seymour Rutland CC 01:40:1

Joseph Drane University of Sheffield 01:50:0

Franz Schriber Sheffrec CC 01:54:1

Shue Fan Clay Cross RT 02:06:5

Samuel Garner Burton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 01:49:7

Keith Ainsworth Sheffrec CC 01:48:8

Alex Jones Team Cystic Fibrosis 01:49:6

Thomas Humphrey Sheffrec CC 01:47:8

Paul Kippax Rutland CC 01:54:7

Tom Llewellyn Mansfield RC 01:46:8

Liz Bullivant Whirlow Wheelers 02:11:1

Stephen Carley Sheffrec CC 01:53:6

Stewart Bates TFN Triathlon Club 02:02:1

Eamonn Cox Sheffield Sports CC 01:47:7

Nick Decker Congleton CC 01:47:5

Dave Archer Bolsover & District CC 01:46:0

Jack Carlisle Mansfield RC 01:43:6

James Hill RST Racing Team 01:47:4

Melanie Armstrong Shutt VR 03:22:5

Robert Lankester Sheffrec CC 01:57:2

Cian O’Leary Base2RaceBikeshack 01:49:6

James Hunt Sheffrec 02:14:6

Carl Sawyer Kiveton Park CC 01:49:8

Patrick Smart Matlock CC 01:47:8

Robert Hayes Manchester Wheelers 01:47:8

Adam Machan Sheffrec CC 01:42:3

Matt Williams Fusion CC Dronfield 01:46:7

Stephen Price Derby Mercury RC 01:48:8

Mike Blair Matlock CC 01:54:5

Aaron Handley Sheffrec CC 01:44:5

Robert Fowler Rutland CC 01:54:3

Kevin White Matlock CC 01:45:4

Lee Brown Holme Valley Wheelers 01:38:7

Robin McKinnon Harworth & District CC 01:42:4

Sam Mansfield Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 01:44:5

Darren Otter Rutland CC 01:36:1

Graham Waller Sharrow CC 01:52:6

Neil Bentley Sheffrec CC 01:47:5

Steve Strange Matlock CC 01:39:00

Paul Armstrong Sheffrec CC 01:45:9

Helen Eborall Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 02:10:9

Will Glover Sheffrec CC 01:36:5

Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness Racing Academy 01:54:7

Steve Roper Team Cycstic Fibrosis 01:42:00

Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC 01:41:2

Levi Moody RST Racing Team 01:30:9

Peter Colledge Matlock CC 01:53:6

Richard Middlemiss Sheffield Sports CC 01:42:4

Chris Dyke Manchester Wheelers 01:47:8

Michael Brammall Sugarcane Velo Club 01:42:5

Lynn Hammel Herbalife-Leisure 02:00:00

Liam O’Toole Sheffrec CC 01:32:4

Andy Nichols Neon 01:35:2

James King Team Sportscover 01:26:2

Jamie Burgan Langsett Cycles RT 01:41:8

Nicholas Latimer Rutland CC 01:33:4

Matthew Pilkington Metaltek-Knights of Old 01:27:7

Theo Jefferies Ashley Touring CC 02:05:7

Ashley Proctor Sheffrec CC 01:30:2

Jacob Scott Team Sportscover 01:36:0

Adam Kenway Team Zenith-Buzz Cycles 01:22:6

James Allen Langsett Cycles RT 01:25:2

James Gullen Hope factory Racing 01:36:5

Graham Briggs Rapha Condor 01:21:4

Lee Baldwin Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles 01:27:3

Russel Downing Team NetApp-Endura 01:22:5

Jack Pullar Madison Genesis 01:19:9

Fore more stories on the 2013 Monsal Hill Climb and pictures of riders, which will be available for purchase, keep posted to the Derbyshire Times’ website throughout the week.