New Mills man urges NHS to grow own produce

Scott Buckler of 14:14
Scott Buckler of 14:14

A New Mills man has launched a campaign to get NHS trusts across the country to grow their own fruit and vegetables for patients, staff and visitors.

Scott Buckler’s 14:14 project aims to encourage healthcare organisations to plant up to 14 square metres of land or equivalent in hessian bags or raised beds in 2014, in which fresh produce can be grown and developed.

The founder of social enterprise 4 All of Us said: “Across England we are seeing more and more trusts turning to local suppliers to provide their produce. It is crucial we start to reduce the environmental impact of food production.

“Healthcare catering services and other NHS organisations are being encouraged to develop sustainable food procurement policies. This means that the food they produce should do as little harm to the environment as possible. Sustainable food procurement includes sourcing fruit and vegetables locally.”

The 31-year-old, of Parkland Avenue, added: “We believe 14:14 can kick-start a revolution in how NHS organisations perceive food procurement. By providing 14 square metres of land we can start to educate and inform staff, patients and the community on the wider benefits of growing your own food as well as building relationships and boosting community spirit.”

“We will be launching a model as part of the campaign called Common Ground which will provide NHS trusts working with those who suffer from mental health problems with guidance on how grow your own projects and gardening can improve their health.”

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If you are interested in volunteering, contact Scott on 01663 746043 or by emailing