VIDEO: Notts woman Janine loses ten stone after shamed into dieting when pictured bigger than a life-size model of a buffalo

Janine Furr, 29, tipped the scales at 25st 7lb (161.9kg) three years ago and struggled to squeeze into a size 30.

And the mum-to-three was so horrified after she saw a snap of her lodged on top of an enormous wooden buffalo in a playground that she decided to do something about her figure.

Janine Furr

Janine Furr

The full-time mum and housewife lost a whopping 10st 6lb (66.22kg) and she even managed to shed 1st 7lbs (9.525kg) whilst pregnant with her third child Jasmine.

Now determined Janine, who lives with Netherfield, Nottingham, is a healthier 15st 7lbs (98.42kg) and slips into a slender size 16 with ease. T

he super-slimmer decided against surgery after concerned doctors told her was so fat she qualified for a gastric band. Instead, she took matters into her own hands.