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Emma McClean said: “Disgusting, my children were distraught to discover they could not swim. My eldest is on the autistic spectrum so this caused a whole day of disappointment for him.”

Richard Thorpe said: “What a plonker! Hope he splashes out with his own cash to resolve this.”

Stephen Keane said: “The word irresponsible really doesn’t cover it.”

Gavin Spencer said: “Name and shame. Because of their irresponsibility I was not able to use the facility I pay for. I’d like to know where to send my compensation claim to.”

Andy Wood said: “Compensation?”

Peter Bailey said: “Pillock!”

Robert Steadman said: “I trust he is now banned and the swimming club will be offering compensation? Also, name names or else ban the club from using the facilities.”

David Fox said: “What were you thinking by having a bottle of wine in or around a public pool?”