Hero Derbyshire lorry driver performs roadside CPR and saves man’s life

Hero Sean McHugh provided the life saving help at the side of the road.
Hero Sean McHugh provided the life saving help at the side of the road.

A truck driver performed vital CPR at the roadside after he saw a man was having a heart attack.

Lifesaver Sean McHugh was driving on the A6 between Buxton and Manchester when he saw a woman by the side of the road in distress and her vehicle parked at an awkward angle.

The 46-year-old, from Dove Holes, said: “No-one was stopping, nobody seemed to care that something was wrong. When people get into their cars they are in their own little bubble and don’t think about other people.”


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Sean parked his car across the road, blocking the traffic, and put his hazard lights on.

He said: “There was a woman who was absolutely hysterical and really in a terrible state. She was travelling with her father-in-law and he had suffered a cardiac arrest.”

Sean, originally from Northern Ireland, worked with the ambulance service for many years and knew how to administer the life-saving compressions.

“I put my jacket under his head and got to work,” he said. “There was never a moment where I wasn’t going to stop and help, I’m not that kind of man.”

When the ambulance service arrived, Sean handed over the patient, Brian Shaw, got back in his truck and drove to work, not telling anyone what had happened.

He said: “I didn’t do it to be a hero so I didn’t think it was important to tell anyone.”

It was only when Julia Shaw, Brian’s daughter-in-law, contacted Sean’s employer at Moy Park that the incident came to light.

She said: “The consultant says that there really is no doubt now how vital Sean’s actions were to my father-in-law still being with us today.

“I will never ever stop being thankful to that wonderful and selfless man.”