Hero lifesaver praises new safety fences by Matlock river

The new fences have been installed where two people have fallen in the river.
The new fences have been installed where two people have fallen in the river.

A hero who rescued two people from drowning in the Derwent River has praised the fast actions of Derbyshire Dales Council which has now put up safety barriers.

In the early hours of Sunday, July 30 Gareth Clark, who was working a doorman at the Remarkable Hare on Dale Road, heard someone had fallen into the river.

Gareth Clark has saved another person's life.

Gareth Clark has saved another person's life.

He climbed down the 30ft bank and pulled a semi-unconscious man from the fast flowing water and with the help of the community got him back to safety.

Now just days after the incident the district council has installed metal and wooden fences by the bridge where the man fell in.

Gareth, 36, said: “I can’t believe it has been done so quickly and hats off to the council who have clearly worked so hard to make the area safe.

“Before with no fences one wrong step and anyone could slip down the bank into the water now the only way people can end up in the river is if they climb.”

Gareth, who is a married dad of two, has now saved the lives of four people, one person who was having a heart attack, pulled a woman a suicidal woman to safety and pulled two people out of the same spot in the river.

Last week he went on ITV’s this morning to discuss his superhero life.

He said: “It was very surreal. Everyone was so chilled and relaxed and celebrities were talking to you as if they weren’t famous.

“I was sat on the sofa while the presenters were doing a cooking segment all the while knowing the camera would soon be on me and I was terrified.”

He has since met with the man he pulled from the water and they went back to the river together.

Gareth said: “Matthew, the guy who I pulled out of the water, needed to go back and get things sorted in his head to understand what had happened as there are large parts he can’t remember.

“The new fences which have been put up look amazing, it must have been a massive job and I‘m very respectful to the fact that these things cost time and money but I’m just glad it has happened as it could save someone’s life.”