I would like to add to Mark Robert’s views (Matlock Mercury) it was a great day for Peak Rail (and in theory for railways being central in the system) when the down line platform at Matlock re-opened. We should thank all those who strove for such over many years and the current team who finalised it. If I was nearer I’m sure I would be one of them!

As an ‘armchair member’ I hope the Network Railway system connection will speed up the works needed to reach Bakewell and then Buxton.

You’d have thought Network Rail would have been interested by now and put money Peak Rail’s way, for a long term inter-city route - St Pancras, Liverpool (Blackpool in summer time table and weekends in winter). If they ever do make sure it is loaned money at 0%, and Peak Rail retains control of tracks and traffic; what it needs now is a ‘new new labour’ term (one new was not nearly enough newness) which re-designs BR 1993 Bill, with 30-40 detail revisions, one being the “silly name”.

East Midlands Trains became Midland Railways (with ‘s’ to differentiate with pre 1923) more appropriate to history.

It probably depends most on an Oxford and Cambridge debating society, eminent Dous/Masters Degrees, invited to deliver seminar addresses (they who largely run and drain us!) on any subject to re-design to ECU initially “Commonwealth Union” without any Euro’s, and target 90% in favour of membership from 90% against.

At such grassroots “TixtOxbridge” brains knock them off their lofty prices, so that pooled debate arrives at logic/common sense including making that palace of un-intelligences by the Thames, a tourist museum!

For/pro modern British parliament near the M25/Thameslink crossing, and English Parliament at Bakewell (where else can bread be made so well, in both food and economy terms)!

Incentive to re-open the Midland Railway faster, as long as an hourly path for tourist trains is maintained, this seems to be Peak Rails best interest, so do copy for Network Rail if you print this and for Red Eddie (but not Mr Cameron, due to his utterly wrong direction for millions of disillusioned billtour.

T.J.L. Collier