I welcome Roy Pearce’s letter in respect of the NHS (Matlock Mercury, February 23,) and share his concerns.

The NHS is (was?) admired and respected throughout the world and had never achieved such high satisfaction ratings prior to the carnage being wrought upon it by this Government.

Make no mistake that the Health and Social Care Bill, driven by ideology will detrimentally commercialise the NHS, eventually resulting in a two-tier system.

I note that Roy has informed his MP of his concerns. I too have written to Patrick McLoughlin MP, on several occasions on this subject and have received nothing but platitudes and the promise to listen.

The overwhelming majority of health professions has voiced their opposition to this bill and it is apparent that the Government and Mr McLoughlin are not listening at all.

I urge readers to take every opportunity to protest against this scandalous bill and contact Mr McLoughlin, who is after all the Government’s Chief Whip, making it clear that he and they will never be allowed to forget their wilful destruction of the National Health Service. Under this Government we are witnessing the dismantling of the Welfare State.

Martin Rutter