Hoax call claimed group of men were assaulting a man with a machete in Derbyshire


Derbyshire Armed Response Unit were deployed after receiving reports of a group of men ‏with machetes assaulting another male.

The unit sent three armed response vehicles, an Operational Firearms Commander as well as dog units and local police officers.

However this turned out to be a hoax call and the caller will be dealt with for wasting for police time.

a tweet from the Derbyshire Armed Response Unit said: “Complete waste of police resources that could be used for REAL emergencies! #Unbelievable

“Result from enquiries made with original caller. Will be dealt with for wasting police time and was wanted! One to cells! #unlucky #karma.”

Derbyshire Police tweeted: “Reports like this won’t be ignored, but took valuable resources off our streets. #ThinkBeforeYouCall.”