Homes will spoil our site


RE: Proposed redevelopment of Greenaway Lane School Site.

In the race to squander everyone’s money, has the council given any thought to what will happen to the present users of the site?

Greenaway Workshop has been part of our community for the past 30 years. It is council owned and mostly council funded – It is not in a position to protest about changes.

I write quite independently as the mother of someone who has benefited over a long period from the sheltered environment that the workshop provides. There is no other place like it.

It is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who devote much time and effort to supporting and raising the extra funding needed to keep it going.

The proposed development will see the workshop surrounded by densely packed housing.

The grassy area around it will be replaced with a car park, it will be enclosed by a substantial fence and security lighting will be installed. Nothing like this has ever been needed before.

The Mencap Centre which sits just behind will suffer similarly, their present open yet secluded environment, which is so important, will be gone.

As usual the needs of people with little voice are being sacrificed in the name of so-called progress and cost cutting. Bottom of the pile again.

We are all aware that the council is being driven by its desire to hit targets for affordable housing,

It’s worth pointing out that there are people in our community, currently using this site who are too disadvantaged to ever aspire to affordable housing.

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