Honda is most reliable of 4x4s

WITH winter just round the corner, a new survey reveals the most – and least – dependable 4x4s and SUVs you can buy.

Honda’s HR-V (1998-2006) performed best, with only three in 100 recording a fault in the past 12 months, followed by Suzuki’s Grand Vitara built 2005 onwards.

In stark contrast, Land Rover’s Range Rover (2002-onwards) was the most breakdown-prone off-roader – two thirds of its reported faults were suspension or electrical hiccups. It finished behind the Jeep Grand Cherokee (1999-2005) and Volkswagen’s Touareg (2003 onwards).

The study of nearly 16,000 three-to eight-year-old 4x4s and SUVs revealed that 4x4s and SUVs are among the most expensive to run vehicles on Warranty Direct’s books.

Predictably, the top 10 is dominated by Japanese and Korean manufacturers, but Land Rover’s Freelander (2006 onwards) breaks their stranglehold, with only one in five breaking down annually and a modest average repair cost.

As used 4x4 prices rise when car buyers are seeking a rugged vehicle for the inevitable cold snap, buyers are advised to seize the moment.

The study used Warranty Direct’s unique Reliability Index rating (, which takes into account how often vehicles break down, average repair cost and time spent in the garage to calculate its overall reliability.