Horror ‘smash’ is real life lesson

Chesterfield College's mock crash.
Chesterfield College's mock crash.

A student was thrown head-first through his windscreen after a horror smash outside Chesterfield College this week.

The young man’s lifeless body ended up on his car bonnet in a bloody mess.

Emergency services dashed to the Infirmary Road site in a desperate bid to save the student.

Thankfully, though, it was a staged incident as part of the Dying2Drive campaign, which raises awareness about the horrific consequences of dangerous driving.

The mock crash was held by the college’s Uniformed Public Service students alongside police and fire chiefs.

Tim Binns, curriculum manager for public services at the college, said: “When young people see such an event it can be life-changing and people’s attitude to driving or being a passenger can change dramatically for the better.

“For our students it’s an ideal opportunity to gain real-life experience of managing an incident, event marshalling, policing and working with the emergency services.”