Hospital league donates £280,000

A HOSPITAL will undergo a major revamp thanks to a cash boost.

Whitworth Hospital, in Bakewell Road, Matlock, will receive £280,000 from the hospital’s League of Friends.

The money will go towards an extensive programme of refurbishment across the site, which will take place of the course of a year starting this autumn.

Phase one will involve modernisation of physiotherapy and inpatient facilities, specifically creating en suite facilities for two single rooms and also converting a day room into a five-bedded bay.

This work is due to take approximately six months and will start as soon as essential repairs to the hospital’s boilers are completed. Phase two is due to start in spring 2013 for six months and will see an improved reception and waiting area, with a dedicated children’s waiting room and more treatment rooms for outpatients.

Upgrading the facilities also paves the way for additional services to move onto the Whitworth Hospital site.

Anna Baker, spokesman for the hospital and head of integrated community based services for Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, said: “We are tremendously grateful to the League of Friends in supporting our plans for upgrading Whitworth Hospital.

“We want to provide facilities for patients in keeping with the 21st century.

“Patients should see a big difference once the work is complete.

“We are currently working on plans for bringing additional services on site and we should be in a position to give more details about this early next year.”

Pamela Wildgoose, secretary of Matlock Hospitals’ League of Friends, said: “We’ve been accumulating money for three or four years and we are delighted to be able to go ahead with these schemes now.

“We are very fortunate that the local community supports us so well with fund-raising and that people choose to leave us legacies, which raises the biggest amount for us.

“So we are in the happy position of having the money ready to use for these improvements for patients.

Anna added: “This is part of a wider plan to develop patient services at Whitworth Hospital.

“We are very lucky to have such fantastic support from the League of Friends, who have been with us all the way.”

Matlock Hospitals’ League of Friends works to raise money to improve patient care at the hospital.

Pamela continued: “Improving facilities for local patients is our main aim.

“The better we can make facilities in Matlock, the better for local patients.”