Hour-by-hour Derbyshire forecast as Storm Ali is set to batter UK with 80MPH winds

The Met Office has issued a '˜danger to life' weather warning with Storm Ali set to batter the UK with 80mph winds and heavy rain.

Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 5:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 5:12 pm

Amber severe weather warnings for the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland were issued ahead of Storm Ali's arrival in the early hours of Wednesday.

Journeys by road, rail and air are likely to be disrupted and the conditions could also damage buildings, lead to power cuts and blow over trees.

Ali is first on the storm names list for 2018-19 announced by the Met Office and Met Eireann, which has run the Name Our Storms scheme for four years.

Journeys by road, rail and air are likely to be disrupted and the conditions could also damage buildings, lead to power cuts and blow over trees.

The Met Office has warned of travel cancellations and flying debris that could pose a danger to life.

Milder yellow wind warnings were also issued across Northern Ireland, Scotland, the north of England and Wales on Wednesday.

The amber warnings are in place from 8am to 5pm, while the yellow alerts are scheduled from 6am to 10pm.

Forecasters cancelled a wind warning for Tuesday due to gusts not meeting the power threshold as Storm Helene fades away.

Meteorologist Dean Hall said parts of the UK felt gusts of about 30-40mph on Tuesday morning, with wind speeds reaching 50mph in parts of Wales.

Storm Helene, which started as a hurricane, was named by the US National Hurricane Centre and not the Met Office, so does not officially count as part of the UK named storm season despite making it to Britain and Ireland.

Helene, which was downgraded after initial warnings it may pose a risk to life, is moving away towards the north east and will have moved on by Wednesday.

"We've got rain currently across Scotland, northern England, eastern parts of Northern Ireland, associated with what was Storm Helene," Mr Hall said.

Wednesday could see winds of 60-70mph, the forecaster said, adding: "Certainly we could see close to 80mph, possibly even higher miles per hour in exposed areas in the far north of the country."

Meteorologist Bonnie Diamond added: "Winds will build quite quickly through the morning and remain very strong. "Temperatures will remain fairly mild though as it brings in mild air from the Atlantic.

"Moving into Thursday we will see widespread heavy and persistent rain which looks set to change to sunshine and showers on Friday, before becoming more settled on Saturday."

Hour-by-hour Derbyshire forecast


7am – Cloudy, 14C, wind speed 30MPH

8am – Cloudy, 15C, wind speed 35MPH

9am – Cloudy, 16C, wind speed 36MPH

10am – Cloudy, 17C, wind speed 40MPH

11am – Cloudy, 17C, wind speed 43MPH

12pm – Light showers, 18C, wind speed 46MPH

1pm – Light rain, 18C, wind speed 48MPH

2pm – Light rain, 17C, wind speed 45MPH

3pm – Light shower day, 15C, wind speed 42MPH

4pm – Light shower day, 15C, wind speed 42MPH

5pm – Light shower day, 14C, wind speed 38MPH

6pm – Sunny day, 14C, wind speed 34MPH

7pm – Sunny day, 13C, wind speed 32MPH

8pm – Clear night, 12C, wind speed 31MPH