Housing allocation: Bentley approval is misguided

Your anonymous correspondent, presumably a resident of the Asker Lane area, is probably right to assert that the District Council’s reversal of officers’ recommendation of the officially ‘greenfield’ Asker Lane site was political.

This was hardly surprising, given the weight of objections to this particular option for 179 houses, which I strongly endorse.

In alleging that the District Council is ‘non-democratic’, it seems that he/she is a supporter of proportional representation in local elections, since the ‘first past the post’ system always tends to reinforce the large Tory majority in Derbyshire Dales.

I do not represent the Asker Lane area, but Moorcroft (not ‘Moorfields’) and Wolds Farm are within my All Saints ward.

As ‘greenfield’ sites, I am delighted they have been reprieved, but I also feel strongly that the approval of Bentley Bridge for 65 houses was misguided, given its strong environmental and landscape credentials. I wonder if this decision was equally political ?

As for dog fouling, this is a national problem and those mainly to blame are the less responsible dog owners. Unfortunately the District Council has not yet managed to address the issue satisfactorily, by copying best practice elsewhere.

Cllr Sue Burfoot

Liberal Democrat Town and District Councillor, All Saints