How many others still have no service?

I was pleased to see your article in the Mercury on December 20th, at least there was some acknowledgement that the problem is not yet completely solved, and it was gratifying, in a way, to know that we are not the only household still experiencing severe problems with waste collection.

I’m pleased that some people have seen an improvement, but after reporting missed collections every week for the last 10 weeks, our routine collection has still not been established.

After seven consecutive weeks of missed collections, DDDC passed our case to their “escalation team”. The following Saturday, very early in the morning, a team must have called to clear the backlog, everything had been emptied when we awoke.

Around 11am the same morning, another team arrived to do exactly the same thing!

Is this an indication of the problem - poor management co-ordination and communication?

We agreed a new collection point three weeks ago, so far only bottles and cans have been collected, nothing else.

What we need is some explanation of why, after 10 weeks, a routine collection, that has been totally reliable for the last 20 years, cannot be re-established.

We’d like to know what percentage of households are still without collection, and how long it is going to take to resolve.

If the taxpayer will not be charged, will Serco reimburse me for all my journeys to recycling centres to dispose of waste that should have been collected?

We are not in a remote area, we are just off the A6 - but the easy-access cul-de sac road has only two properties. I suspect streets full of houses are receiving a good service, but any house that requires a slight diversion from the main street is not.

Roger Francombe

Matlock Bath