Howling mad

It seems that an ever increasing number of people feel the need to own a dog these days. It surprises me that in these days of austerity that people find the money to feed one. However, not all people are dog lovers, and many children in particular are wary of them. 
It is therefore important that there are places where children can play in peace, without being lept on by other people’s over excited dogs. One such place is the park on Smedley Street, where there are clear signs on the gates stating that dogs are not allowed. 
This is frequently ignored by dog owners who obviously believe it does not apply to them and are happy to let their beloveds roam around pestering people and fouling on the grass. 
 I have confronted dog owners over this in the past and usually just get a mouth of abuse from them. 
So, is it not about time the council or police start coming down hard on these people and imposing the fines that the signs threaten. 
Britain is a nation of dog lovers...not entirely true!

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