Huge opportunity for Dales musician

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A pitch-perfect Darley Dale youngster has hit all the right notes to become a fully-pledged member of the National Children’s Orchestra.

Despite only taking up the viola two years ago, 8-year-old Naomi Verdicchio wowed a panel of judges at her audition in October and has now been given a life-changing opportunity to join the musical collective.

Naomi will begin playing with the orchestra later this month and is already extremely excited about the opportunity.

She said: “I’m really pleased that my performance was good because I practiced my two pieces very hard.

“I can’t wait to start playing with the orchestra this year, it should be lots of fun.”

Youngsters who land a position in the National Children’s Orchestra receive first-class tuition from some of the industry’s top professional musicians. They also get the chance to perform at prestigious venues around the globe as well as all the touring that is required to get there.

Naomi’s mother, Rachel Verdicchio, said: “We’re so proud that Naomi has earned herself a place on the orchestra. It will be an enormous opportunity for her and will hopefully stand her in good stead for the future.”

In the short time since Naomi began playing the viola – which is much like the violin but slightly larger and tuned five notes lower – she has already achieved her grade four.

But while it is obvious that the youngster has music in her blood, it’s not the only career choice she is tempted by.

Naomi said: “I would like to be a musician for my job when I grow up but I wouldn’t mind being a farmer too.”

Whatever the future holds for Naomi, though, it seems that 2013 is set to be an exciting year for the youngster.