Human right to remain British

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On our way back from holiday this weekend, we called in at Althorp (the home of the Spencer’s) for the 75th Battle Proms as the organisers raise money for “Combat Stress” the veterans mental health charity and to commemorate the battles of Trafalgar, the charge of the light brigade and the battle of Agincourt and many more where British military were involved.

What a night it was to see everybody waving the union jacks, English and Welsh flags with pride, singing along to Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, Land of hope and glory and the over-whelming respect for God save the Queen.

It just goes to show that Britain is alive and proud of their heritage, there are those that still believe in the values and tradition of the British way of life, I was then brought down to earth on Sunday morning when reading the papers stating that on any passport, birth or death certificate the crown will disappear in favour of the European flag by 2018.

What an insult, although I believe in the integration of Europe for business and social reasons it becomes a different story when government ministers attack our right of our sovereignty and loyalty to the Queen.

So Mr Pickles, if you cannot do anything because of the Lisbon Treaty, get out and let someone else argue our human rights to remain British, living a free society and among people of all nations in harmony.

Cllr Steve Flitter

Via email