I am not envious, I am outraged

The financial difficulties you report in local schools are matched throughout the country, because the education service, like other council services, has suffered significant cuts, estimated at eight per cent in most schools.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 12:51 pm
Updated Friday, 14th September 2018, 12:52 pm

Teachers are working hard and doing their best. Evidence: the outstanding results this summer in Dales’ schools. Well done.

You failed to mention that local headteachers, after responsible consultation, have carefully considered plans for tackling any deficit steadily, moving into surplus despite inadequate funding – while maintaining standards for the children on roll: great efforts by governors and staff and high professional skill.

Yet problems and priorities remain for every school.’

You may not have heard of an increase in class sizes, the disappearance of non-teaching support staff, the reductions in finance for students with special needs, reduced investment in pastoral care and provision for the increasing number of teenagers with stress and mental health difficulties. Teacher recruitment is too low, especially in shortage subjects, maths and science, crucial to our nation’s future.

At present, as tax payers, we are not funding schools at the necessary level. Why should my grandson’s school have less money than previous generations?

Disingenuously, government says they are spending more on education – yes, because we have more school age pupils.

By contrast, private schools for the well off are thriving – businesses operating as charities (for ‘public benefit’), so they receive gift aid (25% at tax payers’ expense), significant reductions in business rates and privileges in inheritance tax donations.

A London private school boasts of spending £18 million on sport in the last four years, supported, no doubt, with financial grants from national sporting bodies – our money.

Sadly, in unfair 2018, those with the most are receiving even more.

I am not envious, I am outraged.

Roy Pearce

By email

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