I challenge the facts given out


I challenge the remedies suggested at the Arkwright Society’s Bank Holiday weekend festival on “What you can do to fight climate change”.

There is no reason to believe that ‘Sustainable Youlgrave’, has made the area carbon neutral. Like most of us, the inhabitants continue a lifestyle producing nine tons of CO2 annually per person.

Derbyshire County Council should abstain from preaching to schoolchildren on exponential growth – a subject better delayed until they tackle logarithms. The rapid growth of China and other Third World countries submerges any change proceeding from the West. Ignorance of this is to be fought.

The distinguished climate change professor should be directed to the conclusions of Professor George Monbiot, that any thinkable system of renewable energy requires continuing with 80 per cent of the systems we already have.

He would be more convinced if his statistics plotted not average windspeed but the decisive factor in power production, its cube.

The present government still buys into the conclusion of the report by Professor Stern, that mitigation should be preferred to adaption after climate change occurs, supposing the mitigation to have been unsuccessful.

My reply is that if Bangladesh is threatened with losing 17 per cent of its land should the sea rise by one metre, then a sea wall one metre high should be built.

Windmills will not do the job.

Dr E.L. Rutherford