I had no help from post office

Can I thank the Royal Mail staff at Alfreton for bending and ripping a large poster, which I sold on eBay and posted in a card backed envelope with “Please Do Not Bend” written on it.

Could I also thank the staff at Royal Mail in Matlock for not taking any interest in resolving this matter.

On production of a certificate of posting slip for the damaged item I was given a form to complete and told to ring an 0845 number (not a freephone number). This was preceded by a grumble about it being “Alfreton”.

Lo and behold all the various telephone menu options led to answers asking me to go online. The form asks you to send the damaged item to a freepost address in Plymouth.

This is all very well but I now have to get the item back from the buyer in Alfreton, which will involve either a personal visit or to send the buyer a SAE or ask the buyer to post it back to me directly. Either option will involve personal expenses on top of almost £2.50 wasted calling the 0845 number.

Would it really be so difficult for a postal worker in Alfreton to collect the damaged item and bring it back to Matlock?

Will I be compensated for any additional expense? I don’t know because the website doesn’t tell you and various attempts to speak to human beings in person or at the Contact Centre have been unsuccessful.

I’ve sold items all over the world on eBay. It’s sad that the first problem I have had has been in Derbyshire.

Name and address supplied