“I’ll leave site to rot” says developer

A CONTROVERSIAL developer says he is working on a new project for a Dales beauty spot – and if residents oppose his latest venture he will leave the site to rot.

Alastair Jessel, manager Taywell Composting, whose plans for a waste recycling plant at Dunsley Mill on the Via Gellia site were thrown out by the environment agency, says he is working on a new scheme but warned the site would be left as a derelict eye-sore, if he faced objections.

Environment agency chiefs refused to grant a permit for the composting plant in October, raising fears about pollution, odour and the impact on special areas of conservation. Residents also set up an action group to campaign against the plans.

Mr Jessel had until March 17 to appeal the decision but said is now working on a new scheme instead – which will be a completely different enterprise.

He added: “I am working on a completely new venture and plans will be appearing shortly but I will leave it as a derelict site if everyone objects to it.

“My second idea is not particularly exciting but will provide employment for quite a few people and be constructive.”

He added: “I have wasted a lot of time and money and the objectors will continue to see the rubbish that remains on that site as a result. I

“It would be rather sad for the environment to leave it as an eyesore but people will have to try and work with developers or will continue to see it as it is.”

Masson ward district councillor Peter Hume said the site did need developing and residents were in favour of a small scale industrial business with workshops.

He added: “We are just going to have to wait to see what Mr Jessel comes up with.

“He will have to overcome a lot of problems with that site and highways is always going to be an issue.

“He is going to have to come up with a solution that balances all of these problems with the viability of a development. The site does want developing, we don’t want it just left as it is.”