I’m just doing an honest job

I have a full time job at Derbyshire County Council. I live with my family, spend a small amount of time with them each morning, and on some mornings I take my daughter to her primary school. Parking at DCC is limited. If I could get there earlier than 8.30am, I could get a space in the site car park. However, that will just result in someone else parking on the streets. I therefore do not park in the main car park as it’s futile, and I can spend ten minutes driving around looking for a space that possibly does not exist whilst using my fuel.

It’s very easy to attack a large group of anonymous people and call them “serial offenders” or “council bigwigs”. I work just as hard as anyone else, possibly harder, to earn my modest living. I drive within the law, give way to oncoming traffic, and stop my car to allow children to safely cross the road. I park within the law and respectfully each and every day. I leave space in front and behind of my car to allow other cars to get out. I never park on kerbs and I don’t block driveways. Logically I can only park in a space that exists - I cannot park where another car is. Therefore if someone has left an empty space, they either do not park there at all, or have left their property at that time of day. I would assume that most people would be working between 9.00 and 5.00, and therefore the majority of these people have no issue and possibly not even aware that in the daytime someone else is using their road space.

Residents need to bear in mind that there are no parking restrictions on most of these roads. The Matlock Mercury should, to provide a balanced approach take some photos of the side streets in question on a Saturday evening, and actually see if these streets are busy, as I’m guessing that they’re not. This would indicate, as I believe, that the issue isn’t about using parking spaces, but more about someone parking near their house. There is a gentleman on one of the streets, in a detached property, with a private drive and garage, who stares whenever I park on his road. I don’t block his drive, and wish to cause him no offence, yet he’s clearly angered by the fact I’m parking there, even though it’s of no consequence to him.

Finally, after talking to my colleagues, I’m now fearful of parking on the streets. One friend, with a family and not on a massive salary, had all his tyres slashed a couple of years ago. Another colleague has had her car keyed. All we’re trying to do is an honest day’s work.

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