I question car park safety

Re: Safety issue for parking – a challenge

I refer to the article regarding the use of the Lido site as a temporary car park (19/1/2012).

It is proposed that cars entering and leaving the car park will share the same entrance used by buses from Imperial Road.

The car park entrance will in effect be over the block paved area to the side of the Lido where employees used to park.

Matlock Town Council chose to make no comment when consulted about the plan.

Through your columns, may I challenge any councillor to drive from Imperial Road on to this paved area without going on to the other side of the road? Would they also like to try leaving the site when a bus is approaching? Perhaps they might also like to come down the steps from the Co-op car park and appreciate how narrow the pavement is at that point?

We need parking in Matlock but surely councils must come up with a better solution than this.

John Winnard

Lums Hill Rise