I share fears over the NHS


I was one of the 200 people at the meeting held in Wirksworth a year ago, and referred to by Roy Pearce in his letter (Matlock Mercury, ‘Have you seen change in NHS?’).

I share his concern at the threat to NHS provision, a situation that seems likely to be made worse if the Reform Bill currently going through Parliament, becomes law. I am no apologist for the previous government, but they did leave the NHS in good shape, with increased investment, reduced waiting times and a high level of patient satisfaction.

The proposed reforms are opposed by over 90% of Healthcare professionals, and by the majority of the public; the Bill itself has been chopped and changed time and again and is now an unholy mess. It seems the only reason the Coalition perseveres with this travesty of a Bill is to save face and to pursue their agenda of increased privatisation. That is scant consolation to the increasing number of patients, like Roy, who are receiving a steadily declining level of care, as a result of top down change to the NHS.

Chris Thompson