Internet access for Hall Leys Park?

A TECHNOLOGICAL upgrade is being planned for Matlock that aims to bring free Wi-Fi to Hall Leys Park.

Plans are currently with the Council to install several routers throughout the park enabling residents and visitors alike free internet access 24 hours a day.

The brainchild behind the idea is Music in the Park organiser Irfan Shabir who is intending to launch the Wi-Fi in conjunction with the music event this September.

Irfan said: “This will be a great thing for Matlock, it will be great for business and it will hopefully be a good thing for tourists.

“More and more people have smartphones, laptops and tablet computers these days and they want to get connected.”

The launch of the Wi-Fi will also coincide with the release of the Hall Leys Park website –which will be the landing page for users of the free Wi-Fi service.

The site will provide visitors with up to date information on the best places to eat, drink, visit and enjoy in and around Matlock.

Irfan said: “This will put Matlock at the forefront of technology and will showcase the fantastic businesses and attractions the town has to offer.”

Funding for the equipment will be met by Maazi Indain Restaurant, as well as other businesses across Matlock which Irfan is currently approaching to join him on the venture.

Irfan said: “We’re not looking for any public money to get this project off the ground as all the funding will be from local businesses.”

While the Council is not being asked to finance any of the initial outlay on equipment, or indeed the upkeep, a decision still has to be made as to whether they will allow the equipment to be installed in Hall Leys Park.

Irfan said: “Hopefully the Council will see what a great thing this will be for the town. We need to embrace new technology that’s available, as doing so will put Matlock on the map.”

Assuming the Council do vote in favour of the new initiative, it will mean that on September 1 revellers at the Music in the Park by Maazi event will be the first to try the new Wi-Fi and the new Hall Leys Park website.

Irfan said: “If the plans are approved and the sun shines – it should be a fantastic day for Matlock and will put our town firmly on the map.”