Investment in Whatstandwell water

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A water company plans to spend £200,000 on improvements to the water system in a rural area.

Severn Trent Water customers in Whatstandwell, will benefit the investment in work which will help to both secure their water supply and avoid any road closures due to flooding from burst water pipes.

Severn Trent Water engineer, Liz James, explained: “We want to make sure that our customers continue to receive a reliable water supply. Unfortunately, the water pipes in the area around Whatstandwell have grown old and they’re now prone to bursts. Since September last year, we have had to close roads seven times to repair the pipes, and this causes huge amounts of inconvenience for the local community. To help prevent this from happening in the future, we’re investing £200,000 to install one and a half kilometres of new water pipes in the area.

“Our contract partners Laing O’Rourke, doing the work on our behalf, will be starting work on 9 June. Unfortunately, we will need to close several roads in the area for us to undertake the work safely.

“We have worked closely with the local council to agree the road closures and diversions, which will be clearly signed. The programme of works is due to be complete by mid August, and more information about this traffic management has been made available to local residents and listed on our website. When work begins we’ll do all we can to help minimise disruption. We’d like to ask the community to bear with us.”