IPCC REPORT: Two deaths in Derbyshire during or following police contact

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Two people died during or following contact with police in Derbyshire in 2015/16, according to new figures released by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The annual IPCC report shows there were 14 deaths in or following police custody in the UK between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016, including one in Derbyshire. Paul Richard Jones, of Belper, was found dead in the cells at Chesterfield police station on June 20, 2015. A full inquest into his death has not yet been held.

IPCC infographic.

IPCC infographic.

This is a decrease from 17 deaths in or following police custody recorded last year, and has remained at less than half the number recorded when the IPCC was first set up.

In addition, there were a total of 102 deaths following police contact, including one in Derbyshire.

The report also shows there were a total of 21 fatalities in road traffic incidents, three fatal shootings and 60 apparent suicides following custody across all forces during the report dates.

The number of fatal police shootings during 2015/16 is the second highest figure recorded since 2004/2005. All are subject to ongoing IPCC investigations.

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