Is birth centre being helped?

In July 2009, I booked into the Darley Birth Centre for the birth of my son. At the time I lived in Derby but was keen to avoid the Royal Derby Hospital. The midwives in Derby knew virtually nothing about it and assumed I’d either be going to hospital or having a home birth. One of them even asked if I had to pay to use it. It was left up to me to arrange everything regarding transferring over to Darley.

I’m very concerned about the future of Darley. I’m expecting another baby in November, and will be back there like a shot as long as everything remains low-risk with my pregnancy – and Darley is still open.

I just wanted to add something to this.

My current doctors’ surgery is in Belper, and I noticed that they have removed Darley Birth Centre’s poster from their noticeboard.

I think this is really unfair and is not going to help Darley’s case at all. I would like to know the reasoning behind removing the poster –have they had a call from somewhere or just decided amongst themselves to take it down?

I can imagine the quotes from Chesterfield Hospital in a few months time, e.g. “over the last few months births at Darley have decreased even more”.

Along with the cancellation of the open day last December, this kind of thing makes me doubt that Darley is being given a fair chance by Chesterfield Hospital or local surgeries.

Louise Radford

by email