Is Tesco store on the cards?

tesco could be coming to Matlock – according to rumours about the future of Bakewell Road.

This month the Mercury revealed a developer was interested in building a major foodstore on the site.

Business management consultant David Alcock, acting on behalf of a secret client, said the supermarket would be even bigger than the expanded Sainsbury’s store.

He said he was working with PR man Ben Pilgrim – whose clients include supermarket giant Tesco.

When the Mercury spoke to Mr Pilgrim, of PilgrimPR, he confirmed plans were in the pipeline for a huge store.

Yesterday, knowing the rumours sweeping the town, he said he could not comment further, but didn’t deny it was Tesco he was working with.

Matlock mayor Steve Flitter, who had also heard rumours, was not sure Tesco would be ideal for the town.

He said: “I’m not sure another supermarket would be a good thing for the town but obviously more retail there would bring people in to Matlock. A supermarket that sells everything would put more pressure on local businesses.”

Shirley Johnson, owner of Geisha and secretary of Matlock Business Group said: “Can Matlock support another supermarket? We already have the Co-op and Sainsbury’s do we need another. Another worry if this went ahead would be for the future of the Co-op?”

Mr Alcock said earlier this month he had met with Derbyshire Dales District Council’s head of planning Paul Wilson on several occasions to discuss proposals for the redevelopment of Bakewell Road.

A spokesman for the district council declined to comment on the plans, this week.