It’s possible to adapt to change

So Derbyshire Dales is finally going to adopt the once a fortnight collection for general waste.

A few years ago many of us living over the border in another district looked on in envy as we had to adapt to a halved collection service.

Time has moved on and it has to be said that I, like most others commenting on the story this week, have done just that – adapted and we hope the environment has benefited from our efforts.

In fact when the Prime Minister recently jumped on the bandwagon and announced that he was going to make councils revert back to a weekly collection my heart sank.

All I could think was if we did that we would have to cut another council service to pay for it and I would rather have my plastics collected.

Residents in the Dales are rightly going to be concerned about how they will manage and the change over period has to be properly organised and well communicated to everyone. There will be lots of questions and it is down to the council to make sure everyone is kept well-informed.

Amanda Hatfield, editor